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Information Security is more critical to your business than ever before. As threats grow and change, our defenses must evolve. Today’s security architecture must be agile, flexible, and deeply integrated. It must offer a far-reaching view of threats to prevent attacks and avert their worst effects.

Our Solutions Offerings:

  • Next Generation Firewall
  • Endpoint Security
  • Cloud security
  • Server and application security
  • Email security
  • Web security
  • Mobile security
  • Advance Threat protection

Computer networks, including the Internet, play critical roles in business and communications Without them, it would be impossible for companies to engage in e-commerce and the vast majority of business systems would come to a complete standstill.

Therefore, by enabling real-time relationships between many parties, networks in many ways become synonymous with the individuals and businesses they connect. Networks provide speed, connectivity, and ultimately value to their members and provide solutions to business challenges and problems that otherwise would not be possible.

Our Solutions Offerings:

  • Switching & Routing
  • Campus Networking
  • Data center Networking
  • Wireless

Businesses are increasingly feeling the need to re-architect their enterprise networks in order to accommodate the rapidly growing demand for wireless connectivity.

Many of them are now compelled to build their own enterprise wireless network to support the influx of mobile devices, Internet of Things, and cloud-based applications, as well as increased adoption of WiFi-hungry practices like BYOD An enterprise-grade wireless network is more than just a collection of WiFi Access Points (APs). At the minimum, it’s characterized by superior security and performance, centralised configuration and management and a much higher capacity for user density.

Our Solutions Offerings:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Access Points
  • Gateways & Controllers
  • Custom Wireless Infrastructure
  • Design, Installation & System Management

Network-attached storage is a file-level computer data storage server connected to a computer network providing data access to a heterogeneous group of clients.

Our Solutions Offerings:

  • File Management
  • Storage Management
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Snapshot
  • Storage for Virtualization
  • Performance Driven Storage
  • Surveillance Storage
  • SMB/Enterprise NAS

IP surveillance is a digitized and networked version of closed-circuit television (CCTV). In an IP surveillance system, an IP camera records video footage and the resulting content is distributed over an IP (Internet protocol) network.

Our Solutions Offerings:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Cameras
  • NVRs
  • Displays
  • Storage

Structured cabling forms the complete wiring system for transmitting data, video and voice from one location to another. It is the base for information networks and acts as a platform for building the entire information system strategy.

Our Solutions Offerings:

  • Copper Cabling
  • Fiber Cabling

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