• Network Security
    Our Security Solution provides unparalleled protection and visibility to every network segment, device and appliance, whether virtual, in the cloud, or on-premises.
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  • Enterprise Networking
    "We Provide Flexible Wired, Wireless and SD-WAN solutions for the connected campus . Choose the Right Network Solution for You"
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  • Network Storage
    Our Storage Solutions ensure your data is always-on and always-fast
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  • Enterprise Wireless
    Next-level coverage, speed, and capacity for your business
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Committed to improve the lives of people worldwide.

We are privileged to work with hundreds of future-thinking businesses, including many of the world’s top Network Services

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The European languages are members of the same family. Their separate existence is a myth. For science, music, sport, etc, Europe uses the same vocabulary.

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Managed IT Services

We are providing flexible and scalable IT managed services to fullfill your all IT requirements for your company.

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System / Network Solutions

We connect your business with our network integration service for all types of business environment.

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Connectivity Solutions

Develop the connectivity of your ideas / business and make it as connected to improve business deals with our service.

Our Services

Bharathi IT Net Pvt Ltd offers High Quality, Highly reliable solutions In Below Area.

Data Switching, Routing

  • Enterprises Switching
  • Enterprises Routing
  • Enterprises Passive Design
  • Enterprises Storage

Data Security Solutions

  • Enterprises Firewall
  • Unified threat Management
  • End Point Securities

Data Wifi

  • Campus Wifi
  • VSAT
  • WiMax
  • Wifi Mesh

Data Centre

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cooling Rack Solutions
  • Power Management & UPS
  • Passive Design

Voice Solutions

  • Video & Audio Conferencing
  • Digital & IPPBX
  • Call Centre Solutions

Other Securities

  • X-Ray Machines
  • Hand Held Devices
  • DFMD, Turnstiles
  • Boom barriers


  • Rack Design & Customization
  • Power Solutions Customization
  • Hardening IT Components
  • IP66, IP67, IP68

Server, Storage & UPS

  • SAN, NAS Unifiend Storages
  • Servers, Workstation, Desktop, Laptop
  • Enterprises Passive Design
  • Enterprises UPS Solutions


  • IP Surveillance, NVR
  • VMS, Storage Servers

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